Monday, 5 May 2014

London Baby!

Hey Nailistas!

This week's nails pay homage to my capital city! I love London so much, but as a northerner, I don't get the opportunity to go too often.

I got the idea to do this mani from MoYou's 10K challenge on Instagram. Every day of the month they have a nail art of the day theme, one of which was 'London'. I didn't enter it myself as one of the rules was that you had to use their stamps and I don't currently have any, but I was so inspired by the London theme that I thought I'd do my own mani anyway and share it with you all.

I didn't really realise until I looked back at them once they were finished, but the overriding theme seems to be transport and whilst they took a while to do, they were actually pretty easy! Essentially, if you have a blue, red, white and black polish, you can achieve all of the designs apart from the taxi one, which I created using an orange and yellow gradient effect.