Saturday, 31 May 2014

Nicole by OPI Review

Hey Nailistas!

Picture the scene: I go into Superdrug to buy concealer. 'I won't buy anything else' I say to myself 'I don't need any new polishes, I'll just head straight for the concealer, then make a bee line for the tills'. How naive... 

I mean, I can't help that Superdrug currently have a 3 for 2 on beauty products. It just seemed ridiculous to pass the polishes without having a quick browse and then 5 minutes and £30 later, I'd bought a handful of new polishes...whoops. Totally worth it though, especially considering that amongst the mountain of new polishes are my first bottles of Nicole by OPI. 

Gorgeous, aren't they? There were a ton of colours to choose from, but the ones I couldn't say no to were:

NI 440 - Oh That's Just Grape (AMAZING polish name!)
NI 437 - Be Awesome
NI 444 - That's Putting It Mild

Apart from having great names, these are, as I'm sure you can imagine, really lovely polishes. Here's how I used them all:

Both 'Oh That's Just Grape' and 'That's Putting It Mild' went on really easily, and could, in fact, have only needed one coat, but I did two as I always do two. If I had to give a preference to one over the other, I'd give it to 'That's Putting It Mild', which was unexpected as it was 'Oh That's Just Grape' that I fell in love with first. I don't tend to wear a lot of neutral colours, but this one had really impressed me and will most likely be my go-to neutral polish from now on. 

'Be Awesome' is lovely too, but as you can see, I've only used two individual bits of glitter. I initially loved the fact that the glitter was larger and I loved the diamond shape as most of the other glitter polishes I own are either gold or silver and are made of relatively small pieces of glitter. However, the larger size of the pieces mean that if you don't take the time to place each one, they can end up looking a bit haphazard and, in my opinion, a little messy. I still love the polish and will definitely be using it in the future, but will be taking a bit more time to work out and create a more detailed and thought out placement for each piece. 

So, what do you think? Any of you lovelies own any of these? If so, what's your opinion? I'm keen to hear other views! :)