Thursday, 26 June 2014

June's Nail Art Haul

Hey Nailistas!

My name is Viv and I'm a spendaholic. Seriously guys, this month I've been so naughty and spent far too much money on polishes and other nail art things. I just can't control myself, I think I'm going to have to set myself a monthly budget!

Despite the difficulty of living on the bread line, which I realise is completely self-inflicted, the things I've bought this month are just divine, so I thought that a review of the things I've acquired might make for a nice little blog. That way, should you also have an insatiable desire to spend far too much money on beautiful polishes and accessories, you could perhaps try some of these out for yourself!

Having been massively impressed with my last Nicole by O.P.I purchases, I couldn't resist adding to my ever-increasing collection. This time around, it was Goodbye Shoes (NI U06), which is part of their Carrie Underwood collection, and Taupe Of My Class (NI 442) that caught my eye. Naturally, I couldn't say no to either, so I bought the two. Both colours seem to go quite well together, although I'll most likely use them separately to avoid a darker mani during the summer months. Out of the two, I'd say that Goodbye Shoes pips Taupe Of My Class to the post as my personal favourite, mainly just due to the shade, but also because it seemed to apply a little better too.

Next up are my Essie purchases. As one of the big polish brands, I've heard great things about Essie, but I have to confess that prior to this month, I'd never tried any of their polishes. In trying to become a little more brand-savvy, I thought I should finally give them a go and definitely wasn't disappointed. I picked up Mint Candy Apple (99) and Sparkle On Top (302) in a duo set for around £12 and am absolutely in love with both colours. I'm even more besotted with the combination of the two, it's the perfect fresh and sparkly summer combo and I've already got an image in my head of how beautiful Mint Candy Apple and Goodbye Shoes are going to look together when combined for a gradient effect. Both polishes apply really easily and evenly and two coats was more than enough to give a great overall coverage, so I'll definitely be making a bee line for the Essie counter on my next spending spree!

My last batch of polishes are what I like to call 'accidental buys', as it was never my intention to buy them, yet here I am sitting and looking at them right now. Queueing up to buy some summer wardrobe essentials in H&M, I spotted their Nail Polish by H&M collection staring me in the face and then before I knew it, I'd picked up three and had given them over to the cashier. I've always loved H&M's nail polishes, they're cheap, have a great variety of colours and always look really lovely when you put them on. It's win, win, win, essentially. I chose Cinnamon, Serenity Now and Mermaid, none of which I've ever bought before, but I really do like all of them, especially Mermaid. To be honest, both Cinnamon and Serenity, as lovely as they are, aren't colours I'd wear on their own, they're just not my style, however I thought they'd make for great complementary polishes for more colourful designs and will therefore also last for quite some time.

Having got to grips with my black Barry M Nail Art Pen a few weeks ago, I also picked one up in white for £4.99 and am so thrilled with the both of them. They're such a nifty little tool to use and I find that as they're, quite literally, pens, you have far better control over the design you create with them as opposed to using white polish and a nail art brush. They had a few other colours, including a silver and pink from memory, but the likelihood of me using any colours other than black and white is slim, so now I've got the both of those, I think my small collection is complete until they need replenishing. 

Not only did I buy polishes this month, I also bought a ton of embellishments. I already have a small collection of both, but I've been quite eager to get some more interesting embellishments added to my collection, so I paid a visit to She Sells Sea Shells' website and got some super cute things that I'm really pleased with. I have an abundance of blue and green polishes and have been thinking for a while of making a sea-themed mani, but lacked any embellishments that would complete the design. With that in mind, I ordered the following:

Gold mermaids

Silver anchors

Gold and silver shells

I have also been dying to make a steampunk mani, so I also ordered a small collection of steampunk pieces and then found some super cheap gold and silver triangular rhinestones on Amazon, so I'll now be able to create both manis over the coming weeks!

Finally, (I told you there was a lot of stuff!) I also ordered some stencils along with the embellishments from She Sells Sea Shells. I'd been wanting to get some chevron stencils and also found the straight stencils for only £1 each, so they went straight into the basket!

My absolute top purchase of the month has been the Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe water decals from She Sells Sea Shells, which I raved about in my last blog. I just can't get over how lovely they are and will definitely be using them again in a not too distant future!

Whew! Well, that was a long post! What things are all of you lovelies loving this month? Anything you'd like to recommend would be most welcome! :)