Saturday, 5 July 2014

Essie Duo Review

Hey Nailistas!

For anyone that read my June Haul blog, you'll already know that I made my first Essie purchase last month. I'm a girl on a budget, so Essie is most often a little out of my price range, but last month something took over me and I spent a little (too) frivolously.

No regrets though, because Essie polishes, as many of you probably already know, are brill! I bought one of their duo packs, which saved me a couple of pounds, and am just absolutely in love with both of them! My duo pack included Mint Candy Apple and Sparkle on Top and the second I saw them I knew I had to use them to create a mermaid-style mani. I've been wanting to do one for a while and took this as the perfect opportunity to finally cracking with it!

Here is my finished design:

I can't say a bad word about these polishes. They go on like a dream and they look absolutely stunning either alone or combined. They definitely won't be my last Essie polish purchase, although I've got to give my bank balance a bit of a break for now!

I achieved the look by creating a gradient on each nail, although on my index and ring fingers I faded the turquoise to pink as opposed to my middle, pinky and thumb (which was too shy to be photographed) which faded to a neutral beige to create a sandy look. I then painted the tips of my thumb, middle and pinky fingers with Sparkle on Top and popped on the embellishments. 

For the ring and index fingers, I used my Barry M Nail Art Pen to draw on some scales, which was waaaay harder than I was expecting!! 

Of course, as you'll see, the Essie polishes had a little help from some of my other polishes and embellishments, including Nicole by O.P.I's That's Putting It Mild, Nail Paint by Barry M's Strawberry, Nail Polish by H&M's Bella's Choice and my beautiful sea shell and mermaid embellishments that I bought from She Sells Sea Shells. 

I'm a fairly modest person, but I can't lie, I couldn't stop staring at my nails for the entire time I had this mani. I think it may be my absolute favourite to date! It was summery and I'm completely in love with the colour combos and embellishments!

What do you guys think of Essie? Worth the hype or are there other brands that you prefer?