Saturday, 12 July 2014

Getting to know you: who even is Vivid Nails?!

Hey Nailistas!

So it occurred to me recently that I've never really introduced myself and told you anything other than the little bit of info on my about me page! So, without further ado, I introduce myself to you:

Who on earth are you?!

HIYA! My name is Viv (or Vivienne if you're going to be super correct about it), I'm 23 and I'm from Manchester in the UK! I graduated from University with a Masters degree in Italian and Spanish last year and am currently working in an airport, which is pretty fun, apart from the 5am starts! Fun facts: I'm vegetarian although I cheat and still eat fish, I love classic rock music and I'm most definitely not a professional nail artist! I'm self-taught and have no qualifications whatsoever... I mean, I have other qualifications, but none of which are remotely related to nail art! ;D

How long have you been doing nail art?

I've been painting my nails for donkey's years now. For as long as I can remember, I've always had an insatiable urge to bite my nails and so I started painting them as a way of trying to stop myself from doing it. Before that I'd tried every trick in the book, but painting them and making them look nice was the only thing that seemed to work. The very first nail art design I did was maybe over a year and a half ago and I recreated some cupcake nails that I saw someone do in a YouTube video (unfortunately can't remember which channel I saw it on!). Looking back now, they were really shocking, but at the time I was besotted with them and became completely hooked on creating more designs. The rest, including my ever-growing polish collection, is history. 

What's your favourite polish brand?

The brand I buy most often is Barry M. It's a cheap brand but it's also great quality polish! I also can't say anything bad about H&M's nail polish collection either. I know they put it right by the tills so that you'll buy them on an impulse, but I genuinely go out of my way to visit the little shelves where they're all sat waiting to be bought! I've never bought an H&M polish that I disliked, so really can't recommend them enough!

What's your favourite nail design to date?

I'm still majorly in love with the palm tree gradient nails that I did a few weeks ago and I absolutely loved my mermaid nails that I posted last week. These two stand out as my ultimate favourites. Both designs just came out much better than I was expecting and I got the most compliments for these two designs when I was out and about.

What design have you not yet done but would love to try?

Two words: water marbling. I'm thinking more and more about trying this trick. It looks quite difficult, which is the main reason why I've shied away from doing them thus far, but I'm determined to give them a go at some point in a not too distant future. My efforts will obviously be up on here as soon as I bite the bullet and do it, so watch this space!

Where do you find your inspiration?

INSTAGRAM! I actually set up my Instagram account before I started blogging and I dread to think how much time I now spend on there, but it's definitely where I find great ideas to try out. I don't tend to straight up copy other people's designs, I usually see something that I like and then modify it to suit my personal taste, polish collection and artistic ability. For anyone that's not on Instagram (I'm sure this won't be many!), I'd definitely recommend it! There's a wonderfully talented and lovely international nail art community on there and seeing their designs every day fuels my interest and gets the cogs turning in my mind so that I can create new designs. 

What else are you passionate about besides nail art?

I have a real hotchpotch of interests. I love to travel more than words can describe. I genuinely believe I was born in the wrong country. I might look and sound English, but I'm in love with the US and it's a lifetime goal to be able to move out there and work. I love big cities, I love animals (I'm so desperate to buy a bunny, it's untrue!), I love opera (yep, really), reading, film, television and I love talking to people. I'm fortunate to currently be in a job where I get to meet an array of different people on a daily basis and I just love it! We're all very interesting in our own individual ways and I've only started to realise that since having to opportunity to meet so many people from different places. I'm a lucky girl! 

Tell me something about yourselves readers! I'd love to get to know everyone a little better!! :)