Sunday, 14 September 2014

Models Own, Vivid Nails Owns

Hello lovelies,

I really have no decent excuse for why it has taken me this long to purchase any Models Own polishes. I think it's because there isn't a physical store close to where I live and I'm not a massive fan of ordering things online because I like to see exactly what I'm buying. But enough was enough, I keep seeing these fab little polishes all over blogs and Instagram and so it's about time I tried them out for myself.

Being as I've already done a stellar job of throwing myself into an endless bankrupt abyss, I've only bought three for my first trial, but I already know it won't be long before I'm ordering more. I LOVE them!

The three I picked this time around were:

Grace Green

Raspberry Crush

Sweet Shop Gumballs (Yes, it really does smell of gumballs!!)

For a fiver each (plus P&P) these polishes were well worth it and I'm thoroughly enjoying creating some new manis with them, especially the sweet shop gumball. I'm not a massive lover of pink, to be honest (a shocking confession, I know), but I love this for the smell alone! 

Here are some of the designs I've created using the polishes thus far:

What do you guys think of Models Own? I have to say that it's certainly up there in my top favourite lower budget polish brands now! I just wish I lived near an actual store/pop up!