Sunday, 12 October 2014

Cling Film Craziness!


Long time no see... *hangs head in shame* I've had a cold for the past week and have, in all honesty, been feeling mega grotty, but I'm back!

Anyway, I've been practising a new technique. Well, I say new, it's not really 'new', it's just that I've never tried it myself before. I've seen a bunch of different ways to use cling film (or saran wrap, depending on where you're reading this from) to create really cool effects and so, as I've still not yet mustered up the courage to try water marbling (wimp!), I thought this might be a nice little thing to try.

The most popular effects I found was the one where you apply a coat of polish on top of an already-dry base colour and then, with a screwed up piece of cling film, dab the wet polish over the top to create the effect, which you can see above. I liked this a lot, but I LOVED it when I added the triangles! :P 

The two polishes I used for the design were:

- Barry M - 308, Berry
- O.P.I - Road House Blues

Cute, right? I can't lie, I got a lot of compliments on this mani, despite the fact that most of the people thought I was a complete freak for using cling film, but that's really nothing new! I really loved this mani and I love the totally unique effect that came from using such an obscure product. Plus, it was hella simple!

I promise to try water marbling soon... it just looks SO hard!! ;)