Thursday, 30 October 2014

Monstrously Mini Update

Howdy people!

I wanted to give you an update on the Monstrously Mini Halloween nail art challenge that I've been doing over the past few days, but first we interrupt your regularly scheduled programme for this special news broadcast...


I don't like to brag, but I think it looks so much better. I've had my little blog for a while now and I'm always looking at other people's blogs and just ogle at how professional and amazingly well put together they look, so I decided that enough was enough and that I'd make mine look better too! The whole process actually took a lot longer than I thought because, looking back, I was being really sloppy with keeping things consistent. My blog was Vivid Nails, my twitter was vivid_nails, Instagram was vividnailsinata and my email address was (and still is!) I mean, none of it matched! I think I just sat there when I created them and was like 'yep, close enough', but I'm actually quite a stickler for things matching and being consistent, so that was the first thing I sorted out. It's great because now you can find me everywhere as Vivid Nail Art, which means that I'm still recognisable to all of my lovely followers, but now I have a proper and consistent name!

I also wanted to change the layout and design of my blog. I've been wanting to purchase a template for absolutely ages now, but never bothered before. I'm pretty sure I'm half sloth because I can be so lazy sometimes, which I think is why I hadn't done it previously. I wanted something simple and clean but I also wanted a splash of colour otherwise it would render the 'vivid' completely redundant, so when I came across this one on Etsy for less than £10 I was like 'get onto my blog right now.' The last thing I decided to do was buy a domain name and thankfully, was available, much to my delight! Seriously guys, I can't stress enough how awesome it is to buy a domain name. For £7 I can keep my .com blog name for two years and bask in the glow of it's awesomeness. This was another thing I'd been meaning to do for a long time because, as much as I love blogspot, having that as part of my URL just made the web address too long and harder to remember. 

So, fellow bloggers, to recommend you three things about getting the blog you want:

1) Be consistent with your name. Remember, it's the image of yourself and what you're doing that you're putting out there. If it's all a hotchpotch of different name variations, not only does it become harder to recognise you, it also gives off a less professional vibe. 

2) Invest in a good template that you really love. Seriously, they're not expensive, all the work is done for you and they look AMAAAAZING! Of course, if you're gifted in the tech department, create one yourself and save some money!

3) Buy a domain name. It's not absolutely necessary, it's just so much easier to promote yourself with a shorter .com or URL, plus it's not an expensive investment. 

Anyway, if you're still here, well done! That went on far longer than I was anticipating. I'm just so pleased with how everything looks and feels now, it's 'me' and the blog feels like it truly belongs to me now. 

Ok, Halloween nails! I've been super pumped to create these manis, Halloween themes are awesome and there is so much variety and amazing ideas to choose from. Along with my 'favourite creature' mani pictured at the top of this post, I've also created a spooky setting and another favourite scary movie. I mean, The Nightmare Before Christmas isn't a film I'd define as 'scary' per se, but it definitely fits in with a Halloween genre and I couldn't pick between that and Psycho, so I've done both! 

My spooky setting took inspiration from a couple of different manis I saw on Instagram, which are tagged in my original Instagram post. I love the index finger! Even though it's really the most basic out of them all, it's super eerie and it came out really well! 

 So, are you guys doing anything for Halloween this year? I'm not, sadly, I'm working! :( If it was socially acceptable for adults to trick-or-treat, I'd be out there knocking on your door begging for chocolate, but something tells me that it's just not as cute when 23 year old adult women do it!

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeen!!! :D