Friday, 31 October 2014

Polish Party - Halloween

'Sup ghouls and ghosties!

Ok, I promise that this is the last Halloween post for this year! I just got so excited, guys! I think that after Christmas, Halloween is probably my favourite celebration. I know there are tons of people that don't really rate it and say that it was just invented by the candy companies, and whilst I'm not disputing that, I still love it all the same! I mean, how could you not love a celebration that involves dressing up and getting free sweets and chocolates?! HELLOOO?? ;) I have really fun memories of Halloween from when I was younger and I love this time of year in general, when the evenings get darker quicker and seem to go on for longer and all the leaves are different's just a lovely time of year.

Anyway, in the spirit of celebrating Halloween for what it truly started out as, and still is, I've made some Dia de Los Muertos nails. I'm sure many of you already know what Dia de los Muertos is, but for those who don't, it's a celebration observed predominantly in Mexico during which families and friends gather together and remember loved ones that have died. As morbid as it sounds, the celebration is actually a positive one, with people decorating sugar skulls, offering food, drink and memorabilia to the deceased in the hope of encouraging the spirits to visit. People even visit cemeteries to be closer to their departed loved ones! I'm not gonna lie, I'm easily creeped out, but this sounds awesome! Obviously, death is most often seen as a sad event, but I like that this is more of a celebration of remembrance. As much as I love Halloween, I think I like the idea of Dia de Los Muertos more!! 

And so, as pictured above, I decided to ditch the spooky designs for my last Halloween mani, and make some sugar skulls of my own! :) 

I've seen this design floating around and absolutely fell in love with it the second I clapped eyes on it! The great thing about it was that even though it looks pretty complex, it was a super easy design to do and I LOVE the results! 

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