Thursday, 6 November 2014

Bloomin' Beautiful! Beauty UK Polish Review

How's it hanging, guys and gals?

This week I'm bringing you a review, because I really don't do enough of these. I sit here on an (almost) daily basis and think 'God, this polish is DIVINE!'  and then I never share it with anyone! So, here I am, sharing my love of Beauty UK's polishes with you!

Beauty UK isn't a brand I've ever used before, I've seen their stand in my local Superdrug but, if I'm quite honest, I've not really heard anything about them as a brand and so I've never given them a chance before. However, when Superdrug does one of their magnificent 3 for 2 deals, I always see it as a good chance to try out new brands. Watch this space for a haul because I think I bought more than ever before, what a surprise! It's a good job I have a monthly income, huh?! 
So, with it being a 3 for 2, I decided to go for 3 polishes (of course!). I went for a broad range of colours and picked: 

Number 7 - Lady Lavender

Number 21 - Rouge Rendevouz

Number 3 - Let's Hit the Peach. This is my personal favourite. Look how classy it looks with the gems!! Sparkle, sparkle! ;D I don't normally got for plain designs like this one, but it looked so good exactly as it was, I didn't want to add to it. 

The first thing I'll say about these polishes is that they're CHEAP, which is always good in my books! They were selling for £2.99 each but I obviously only paid £6 for the lot, which is awesome value for money! 

The second thing to be said for these polishes is that their range of colours, whilst not being overly broad, is actually really lovely. They have a great mix of darker and lighter shades and they also have smaller ranges of 'effect' polishes. I don't tend to buy many of these, just out of personal preference, as like to be able to create more intricate painted designs in a bid to improve. Their entire collection can be found on their site, along with their makeup too, which I'd now be totally tempted to try too! 

The polish itself is great, but not so brilliant that you could get away with just one coat. It's only £3 after all, you can't pay for cotton and expect satin, right?! But for a cheaper polish brand, these really do tick all of the boxes and I'll definitely be buying more of them and most definitely recommend all of you British nailistas to give this brand a go. I don't think you'd be disappointed! :)