Sunday, 23 November 2014

Half Moon Mani Heaven

Howdy guys and gals, 

Guess where I've been? I'll give you a clue...

Yes! I've been on a rather impromptu trip to bella Italia (the actual country, not the restaurant) and it was DIVINE! I love Italy, as many other people do, and I've been fortunate to spend quite a lot of time there, having studied Italian at university. Since graduating last year, I've felt my language slipping and so it was really great to get back over there and brush up on my skill and also eat a ton of pizza and ice cream! I'd been itching to get back to Rome for a long time as it's almost ten years since I was last there because I didn't have the opportunity to go when I was out in Italy studying a few summers ago, so going back to the citta eterna was just incredible! 

As such, leading up to and during the trip, I didn't have a ton of time to focus on my nails and so I was on the hunt for some nice, simple designs which wouldn't take up a ton of time, which is how I rediscovered the half moon mani! This design is a super popular nail art design with a lot of room for variance as well as being cute and simple. The two designs I created looked like:

Not bad, right? To be honest, I'd never really rated the half moon manis before. I'd tried them a couple of times and ended up making a real hash of them as I was always too impatient and wouldn't allow the base colour to dry before putting the second colour over the top. So this time I decided to do it properly and completed them in three easy steps:

1) Following the obligatory clear base coat, I applied two coats of the base colour and then allowed them to dry completely. On both occasions, I actually did this in the morning and then got on with my day and came back to finish the manis off in the evening. It was such a good idea as it meant that I wasn't aimlessly hanging around, waiting for my nails to dry and then finishing them all in one go. 

2) I then placed some french manicure strips further down the nail, towards the cuticle, and applied my chosen top colour to the bottom half of my nails. I've seen people use a range of different things to create the half moon effect, I've even seen some people free hand it, but I found that the french mani strips did the job perfectly. Just be sure that the base colour is bone dry before you stick them down otherwise, when you take them off, they'll take the base colour with them. I learnt that the hard way last time!

3) I immediately removed the strips and then applied a clear base coat, followed by the detailing. I love the neon circles I used on the second mani. I'm not the biggest neon fan, but these were adorable and it was a nice way to add colour to what would have been a pretty boring-looking mani. 

How do you guys find half moon manis? I've gotta say, it'll definitely be a design I go back to now I know how to do them properly! :)