Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Mani Mania: Take Two!

Seasons greetings!

Ok, so ironically, I'm feeling way less festive than I was when I posted my last blog. I do this every year: I get super excited way too far in advance and then by the time the actual day comes, I've exhausted all of my festive energy. It doesn't help that I'm actually working on Christmas Day this year either, so I'm really not feeling it this year. I've not let that stop me from having festive nails, though! 

I realised when I was writing my last post that my nails were all snow themed, so for the remainder of the month I've tried to vary the designs a little bit and I think I prefer this second lot of designs. They lean further over to the cute side of things, which is always good in my books, especially when it comes to Christmas!!

My first design was a jumble of Christmas characters. I actually did a design very similar to this one last Christmas and absolutely loved it. You can check out the old one on my old Instagram account and see what an improvement there has been! I really think you can see a lot of progression, if I do say so myself! 

I think my favourite is the penguin! He's so cute!

I couldn't let this Christmas slip by without doing a Frozen inspired mani! I've only seen the film a few times but Olaf is pretty much one of the best things Disney has ever created! He makes me wanna cry, he's so cute! To create him, I used cutepolish's tutorial and then used a basic dark to light blue gradient with a glitter polish over the top.  

I was worried that because I'm not a super duper nail expert (yet!) I'd mess it up and you wouldn't be able to tell who he was meant to be, but I think you can! I love his toothy smile! :D

I've rounded off the festive period with a Christmas pudding mani. I've seen a lot of these designs all over Instagram and vowed that I'd do one myself. I actually can't stand Christmas pudding, but this design is so adorable and super festive.

So, as you can see, I've been on it with the Christmas manis this year! Hope you all have a truly magical Christmas! Eat loads and be merry! ;D