Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas Mani Mania!

Season's Greetings ladies and gents,

Man alive, am I feeling festive! It's gotten really cold over the last week and with the addition of the Christmas tree and an amount of lights that could probably rival Times Square, I'm riding the Christmas train straight to Whoville. This year, I'll be working on Christmas Day (no big deal, definitely not devastated...) so I'm making sure that I enjoy the build up to the big day to make it feel like I've had at least some kind of Christmas experience before I burst into floods of tears on Christmas Eve whilst ironing my work uniform.

Of course, since 1st December hit I've been exclusively sporting Christmas nails and will continue to do so right up until the big day, so I thought I'd show you the ones I've been loving so far. Inspiration for these manis has mostly come from the insanely talented Nailsbyjema. She's one of my favourite nail artists and she's taking Christmas manis to a whole other level this year, I'm so insanely impressed with her skill, so be sure to check out her channel if you haven't already!!

I kicked off the month with a snow flake mani. I'm actually a fan of snow, to be honest. Working at an airport, you quickly build up a strong hatred towards it because it ends up cancelling flights and ruining essentially everything about your day, but I can't deny that snowflakes are incredibly beautiful. Fun fact: when a snow flake melts, if it refreezes, it always takes the exact same shape as before! Cool, huh? 

For this mani I used Barry M's Cobalt Blue and then their Blue Glitter over the top to get the sparkle and then added the snow flake design and the gems over the top. 

Next up I created a snowy tree scene, which has been my personal favourite so far. Nailsbyjema has an absolutely brilliant tutorial on her Youtube channel, which I used as a guide and although mine haven't turned out as stunning as hers, I think I did a pretty good job considering it was my first try!

The polishes I used are pretty boring, nothing particularly special as the colours are just basic white, black and grey. The amazingness is all in the technique, which you really should check out in the video tutorial! :)

Last up, is a falling snow mani. I realise now that there seems to be a recurring snow theme here, so I think I'll be doing some non-snow related manis for the remainder of the month just to change it up a bit! I'm not terribly keen on this last one, nor did it photograph all that well. I needed a red mani to match an outfit and didn't have a ton of time to create it, so it's not one of my finest. I've only had it on 24 hours and I'm already itching to take it off. The red I used was my beautiful YSL polish in Piment D'Ailleurs and then I used a cheap white polish from Primark to dot on the falling snow. 

I'm so excited to keep creating more festive manis and will definitely be posting more photos later on in the month! How are all of you lovely people getting into the Christmas spirit? What have you asked Santa for this year? :D