Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Best Manis of 2014

Happy 2015, nailistas!! 

So, let's have a catch up. Pour a cup of coffee and we'll talk about Christmas and New Year before it becomes a distant memory. What did you do? Who did you spend it with? What did you eat? WHAT DID YOU GET?!?!

I'll give you a guess what I got...yep, you got it in one! I think I now have enough nail polish to fill up my bath tub, not that I'll be testing this theory any time soon. I'll most likely be posting a Christmas nail polish haul for the next blog because I want to have the chance to use as many of the new polishes as possible before I start showing them to everyone so I can give you all a thorough review on them, rather than a simple 'Ooh, doesn't the bottle look nice?'

So, with the Christmas haul on the back burner for a week, I thought it'd be a cool idea to do a recap of my favourite manis that I've been wearing over the past year. I thought about trawling back through the photos on my Instagram account and see which ones were most popular, but then I thought 'nah, imma pick my own favourites' because, as much as I love seeing how well-received some of my manis have been, they might not have necessarily been the ones I've actually enjoyed creating and wearing the most. 

Number 5: Splatter Nails

I remember wearing this mani and just constantly staring at my nails for pretty much the entire time. I t became quite problematic, truth be told. I stopped looking before crossing the road and didn't eat for days on end because I was so obsessed with them... ok, I'm slightly exaggerating, but you get the point. Still can't decide whether it's the colour combo or the splatter effect itself, or the magnificent combination of the two. 

Number 4: Palm Trees at Sunset

I think I chose a lot of my favourite manis of 2014 using the point in time during which I created them, rather than the design itself, as a marker. I still love this mani because it makes me think of the lead up to my holiday (or vacation if you're from across the pond). I was getting prematurely excited, as is often the case with me, and I had palm trees on the brain and I remember getting completely giddy with excitement and anticipation. It was a welcome alternative to getting my suitcase out of the attic 3 weeks early and trying not to pack it. 

Number 3: City Skyline

This was such a major achievement for me. The finish was by no means perfect, but I'd seen cutepolish do this mani absolutely ages ago and was completely taken with it. At the time when I first saw it, it was totally beyond my capabilities and after a lot of failed attempts, I gave up on it, vowing I'd come back to it if I got better. And BOOM! I did it! 

Number 2: Bianca del Rio inspired

One of my major obsessions for most of 2014 has been RuPaul's Drag Race. If you are yet to see it, get on that train immediately. What's not to love? Super stylish guys that I want to make friends with, catch phrases galore, mountains of makeup and SO MANY WIGS! There's just nothing to criticise, it's the BEST show to binge on. I'm pretty sure that I never watch anything else on Netflix. So, imagine my excitement when my all time favourite queen, Bianca del Rio, came to Manchester. My overwhelming excitement naturally lead to a Bianca del Rio mani (which she favourited on Twitter, jus' saying') which I based on one of her outfits. 

Number 1: Flower Power

I love floral designs so, so much and when I scroll through my Instagram, I stop at this design every time. It's easily my favourite mani I wore in 2014. I was inspired by the enormously talented Lindsey, who's Instagram account wondrouslypolished numbers among my favourite accounts to follow and ogle at. There's nothing else to say, the mani speaks for itself. Wow, how very braggy of me... 

And there you have it, the definitive Top 5 ranking of my personal favourite manis painted and worn by yours truly. I'm SO pumped for 2015, guys! I can't wait to see how I'll have progressed a year from now. It's so exciting! HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D