Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Valentines Day! Super Cute Valentines Nails

Happy Valentines nailistas!

I hope you felt super cherished today, whether it was by a significant other, friends, family or all three! In all honesty, I don't normally buy into Valentines day and that's definitely not because I'm single... ;) However, this year I thought I'd actually take an interest in the name of nail art!

Obviously, the two key Valentines colours are pink and red and I wanted to incorporate both into my designs. The things is, I don't like the way they look when paired together, personally, so I just had to do two separate designs...woe is me! 

For the pink, I chose to go for a gradient. I think gradients might be my absolute favourite technique and I've definitely been improving mine lately. I find that using three colours gives optimum results, so I went for a dark to light. I added the hearts using a white polish and a small brush once the gradient had dried and I think they made a pretty cute addition.

For my red mani, I was still pretty hooked on the whole heart thing. I loved how they looked on the pink gradient and didn't want to part with them, so I figured I'd make them the focal point of my second mani. I kinda went a bit overboard, I really went to town on the accent nail. I was originally going to leave it red, then I was going to have a white heart and then all of a sudden there was a heart within a heart and it just seemed to work!

I think I prefer the pink over the red, which is unusual for me as classic red is one of my all time favourite nail polish colours. Either way, my nails have felt super loved and cared for over the past few days, which is what Valentines Day is all about, right?! :D