Friday, 6 March 2015

Pretty Pastels: Buy Now Blog Later Inspired Nail Art

Howdy y'all! 

It's March...nobody panic, everybody remain calm! Seriously, though, where is this year going? What's the rush, 2015? We're nearly a quarter of the way through the year! Ok, breathe... 

I have to be honest, I've not been feeling terribly inspired nail art-wise, as of late. I've basically got the nail art equivalent of writer's block, to the point where last week I painted my nails one block colour and that was it. GASP! I'm trying to get out of the funk though because I love this little blog so much and hate to think that it's being neglected.

Now, the one amazing thing about 2015 getting it's speed on is that the days are getting longer and the sun seems to be peeping through the clouds a little bit more and, believe me, living in one of the rainiest places in the UK, that's really saying something. So, I know it's incredibly premature, but I've gotten myself all overexcited for nicer weather and everything that comes with it and have begun to obsess over pastel colours. It's all Laura from Buy Now Blog Later's fault. She's been posting mani pics lately and I just keep falling in love with them.

I've followed Laura's blog for a while now and used to watch her YouTube videos too. She was actually one of the first beauty gurus I ever discovered and I've stuck with her, mainly because I have major style envy. She has a brilliant knack for making everything look super stylish and effortless, so if you've been living under a rock and haven't ever come across her, definitely check her out!

I particularly fell in love with three manis I've seen her sporting over the last few weeks, all of which are pastel-orientated, so to get out of my uninspired nail art rut, I decided to recreate them for myself.

First of all, I went for her pastel fade mani, which basically required me to use every single pastel polish I own. 

It's gorgeous, isn't it?! I couldn't not try it. I've gotten quite good at the gradient effect, mostly because I love it so much and do it all the time. I've never really tried blending two differing colours together, but I found that it's basically just the same as fading one colour from base to tip. All you have to do is paint your nail white, apply both colours onto a sponge (if they cross over onto one another on the sponge, all the better) and then press it into the nail, repeating as often as necessary. The true trick is to get the clear top coat on as quickly as possible once you finish sponging on the colours because this is what gives it that amazingly blended effect. 

The next one I tried was a mani I saw on her Instagram account. This one is far simpler than the last, super classy and elegant with a really lovely twist on a typical pink mani. 

Again, this uses both a pastel polish and, from what I can see, the gradient effect, this time fading into white. This, again, isn't something I've tried before, but all it required was for me to use the exact same process as I did for the previous mani, just swapping the colours for a basic light pink and white. I'm super obsessed with this one, more so than I was expecting as I don't generally wear light pink polish. I tend to find that I need to apply a ton of coats to get the colour pigmentation to fully cover my nail underneath, even with the more expensive polishes. Do any of you guys find that too? If anyone knows a way to remedy this, please let me know! 

And finally, the piece de resistance, the pastel polka dot mani!

I took one look at that mani and knew I needed it on my nails. This was actually the easiest of the three, because all it took was a couple of coats of a white polish and then spending a bit of time dotting on the colours. Easy peasy! I thought this one was really fun and cute and so I couldn't resist.  The only thing that I didn't like about this one was the crappy white polish I used because I don't feel like it looks as clean and bold as normal white polishes do. Mixing all of the colours together probably isn't something I would have thought to do with a polka dot design as I tend to go for a more uniform colour scheme, but with all of these colours being pastel, they all seem to go really well despite them all being so different. 

So, thanks Laura, for getting me out of my nail art funk and please keep the mani pics coming! I'm loving them! :)