Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Guess Who's Back...

What's up nerds!

'Tis I, the former Vivid Nail Art. Yes, I know I got a lotta 'splainin' to do because I've been completely AWOL over the last few months. The god's honest truth is that I've been busy with work, taking a (much needed) vacation for two weeks and I've recently started writing for the amazing Smart Girls Group. This site is such a cool space on the internet for young women to get advice on tons of different things and also has articles of interest. It allows its readers to become part of a group of awesome ladies that want to empower other young women the world over. I mean, that's awesome right?! You should totally check us out, jus' sayin'...

Now that I'm getting into the swing of things, I figured it was time I came back to blogging because I really have missed dedicating the time to it. The challenge I've been facing was that I wanted to change things up, not just a little bit, but a helluva lot. Nail art is my LOVE and is something I'm still super obsessed with and something I'll forever be blogging about, but more recently I've been expanding my cosmetic horizons and becoming just as obsessed with pretty much everything else beauty related. I'm itching to talk about all these super cool things I'm finding on my little beautification journey as well as writing about things that interest me in life in general and, hopefully, they're things that will interest other people too! 

What I'm basically saying, in a nutshell, is that this is why I'm now known as Beauty Blurgh. Anyone that's read this blog before will know that I'm not the average beauty blogger as I don't possess a single shred of elegance, so I wanted a blog name that conveys that and 'blurgh' seemed to get thae message across quite nicely as well as being an awesome Liz Lemon expletive. Win-win, am I right?!    So, don't be afraid, dear blogger friends, if you see me dossing around on Twitter and Instagram under this new name because it's still the same Viv, just with a bit more to talk about. 

Anywho, taking an epic step back in the complete opposite direction, here is some nail art which I've been wearing and loving: 

I got the gradient effect using O.P.I's San Tan-Tonio (best polish name ever? Erm, I think so!) and Sinful Colors' Unicorn and then added the gems near to the cuticles. 

Anyone that's read this blog or seen me on Twitter and/or Instagram will see that I've changed my nail shape. I mean, woah, stop the press, right?! I did it on a complete whim and absolutely hated it at first. I can only equate it to getting a really terrible haircut, but over the last few weeks I've actually started to get used to the new shape. I guess you'd say they're almond? They're not pointy enough to be stiletto style, but that's really just because my nails never grow long enough to allow me to sport that shape, so almond is a good compromise. The absolute best thing I've noticed since I changed the shape is the length of time my manis are lasting. When my nails were square, the polish would chip like there was no tomorrow, but because of the smoother finish, I'm finding that I'm getting way fewer chips and fewer breaks too, so happy days! The almonds are here to stay! :)