Friday, 19 June 2015

Makeup Revolution Iconic Palettes Review

Hey Beauty Nerds,

I think it's a fair thing to say that I, all to frequently, have delusions of wealth, which is basically fancy speak for: I buy things that I can't really afford too often. It's a real affliction, I swear. The fact that I'm a long-time sufferer from this illness means that I relish in finding cheap things which do a stellar job of, well, whatever it is that they're meant to do. My latest find of this kind (teehee, rhyme) are the Makeup Revolution Iconic eyeshadow palettes. 

I've used Makeup Revolution products before and can honestly say that they have never disappointed. They sell a wide variety of products from £1 lipsticks (which are also awesome, btdubs) to a 100 colour eyeshadow palette (for £12...yes, seriously). For a new company, they've done a really good job of marking their territory in the cosmetic marketplace and can now be found in pretty much any Superdrug as well as online. Here's the best thing: they ship internationally too, YaAaAaZ! The only issue with purchasing them if you're overseas is that they obviously become a more expensive brand. For the quality of the products they sell, I'd still say they're worth it, though. In short, don't immediately rule them out. 

The eyeshadow palettes are my personal favourite from their range; they're highly pigmented and blend really well, especially considering that the standard twelve colour palettes are only £4. The only downside is that I've bought so many of the palettes, I'm now running out of space to store them, whoops! My latest little treats, the Iconic 1 and 3 palettes are easily the nicest ones I've bought to date and I'm not just saying that because I'm still in the proverbial honeymoon phase, looking at them lovingly every single day and wondering how life could get better. I'm a massive matte fan when it comes to eyeshadow, but I realised that, as a result, I owned fewer shimmer shades. The Iconic palettes filled this void as most of the shades included in each are shimmery. I opted for palettes 1 and 3 as I was on the hunt for nude/brown shimmers as well as pink-based ones and they fit the bill perfectly. 

I mean, if you're completely blind to the obvious, I'll tell you bluntly: if you're looking for a cheap but effective shimmery palette, these are worth the money ten times over. Here are two looks I created using each palette: