Who? Me?

'Sup nerds! I'm Viv, I'm 24, from Manchester, England and welcome to Beauty Blurgh. 

This blog was born from my endless devotion to nail art (formerly known as Vivid Nail Art) and has now blossomed into a lifestyle/beauty blog. Nail art is still my love but with my ever-growing array of interests, I thought it might be fun to say a big fat 'screw you' to originality and jump on the beauty blogging bandwagon.

My initial hope was that this would be a super chic and stylish blog like the ones I read, but then I remembered that on that day that elegance was being handed out, I was off doing this:*

So, I figured that I'd create a space on the interwebs for myself and likeminded ladies, gents and everyone in between to appreciate cosmetic creativity and ridiculousness at the same time. I mean, life's serious enough as it is, isn't it?    

Other interests include (in no particular order) coffee, travelling at every possible opportunity, big cities, handbags, TV, reigning over the realm
of Hypothetical Questions, Liz Lemon (my spirit animal), empowerment (all bar the empowerment of idiots), speaking foreign languages (hola and ciao!) and doing pretty much anything for a laugh. Please anticipate blog posts on all of these glorious things.

* This shot ruined those shoes...